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although there are a few different aftercare methods, please follow the advice given to you by your artist, they would have spent along time and trialed many methods to see which best heals their tattoos.

.Second skin with or without absorbent pads.

Once you've had your tattoo we sometimes use a spray bandage that's specifically formulated for tattoos, this is left to dry and covered with a 'second skin'. we recommend to leave this first covering on at least until the following morning, but can be left until the following evening if it hasn't lifted. for larger tattoos or if you've had a tattoo with heavy shading or colour we may use a sterile absorbent pad under the film-this should be removed and changed the following morning/early afternoon.


be careful when removing the second skin, don't rip it off, lift a corner and stretch it downwards. some of the sticky adhesive may be left behind but this will come off after a few washes. Wash the area with warm water and a mild soap, we recommend Butterluxe green soap bars-these can be purchased in the studio. however you may also use a mild anti-bacterial soap Aswell. When washed take care to pat the area dry using kitchen towel. please don't use a towel as these can harbour bacteria even if straight from the dryer (nobody wants towel fluff stuck to their tattoo) Allow the tattoo to dry out for around 15 minutes, you can dab any excess fluid from the tattoo before you reapply another round of second skin. (we will provide this for you and go through how to use it. )  you can then leave this piece on for 3-5 days. if you've have heavy colour or shading then we will provide you with a second set of sterile absorbent pads to use for a further 24 hours. buy this point  the majority of the excess fluid has stopped weeping from the tattoo and you can put the final piece of second skin on for 3-5 days. 

When you remove the final piece of second skin you can start using the Butterluxe balm you were provided with. you only need to use a small amount to give the tattoo a light shine. you can us this as you feel fit. if it feels itchy and dry you can reapply. just be sure to wash and dry in-between applications. by day 5-7 you will notice the tattoo starting to flake like sunburn, take care not to pull/pick the tattoo during this stage.. if you pick the flakes/scabs before they're ready to come away it can cause inconsistency with the healing and pull the ink out.

you will be provided with a small tub of Butterluxe balm, for larger tattoos additional tubs can be purchased from the studio.

.What to expect during the healing process.

.Your new tattoo may feel sore, may swell or even bruise after. This is completely normal. it can weep for 2-3 days depending on how you heal and how much of an area was covered. 

.Wear light, loose clothing over the area, wearing tight clothing will be quite uncomfortable.

.Make sure whenever you're changing the second skin or doing anything with your new tattoo to thoroughly wash your hands before. 

.Avoid the gym or any activity that will make you sweat until the tattoo is healed, you do not want the tattoo to have sitting sweat on it. (This will also cause the second skin to come away before its meant to.

.Do not soak the tattoo or get it wet for prolonged periods of time, try and take shorter showers where possible. do not use a bath, hot tub, steam room or sauna while your tattoo is healing,

.Keep those pesky pets away from your fresh tattoo-as cute as they can be they can be a potential infection risk,

.Don't let anyone else tough your tattoo.

.Keep the tattoo out of the sun and don't use sun beds, this may damage the healing skin and prolong healing.

.Don't put anything heavily scented over the tattoo or use fake tan until the tattoo is completely healed and no longer dry,

.your tattoo and surrounding area can feel itchy for a week or two after, you can use Buttterluxe balm to ease this. try not to scratch it as this can damage the skin.

.Some people think they're allergic to the second skin but this normally isn't the case. it can sometimes cause the skin to tighten and retract, the adhesive is pretty strong so can make the tattoo feel quite itchy when its on. unless you can see a physical reaction such as a rash etc its just requires a bit if patience. Of course in the event of a rash forming or anything out of the ordinary, remove the second skin immediately.

please give the tattoo the time and attention it needs to properly heal. remember until your tattoo has peeled it is effectively an open wound, and needs to be treated as one. We understand that accidents can happen, pets, children, second skin coming away, so if you experience anything concerning please contact your artist. We're not here to judge and can advice on the best course of action, if you feel the aftercare method given isn't working for you, reach out and we can recommend an alternative. 

if you have any concerns at all please contact your artist directly.

.Touch Ups.

If you feel somethings gone wrong during the healing process please keep your artist informed. if for any reason parts of the tattoo doesn't take or needs a bit of tlc for one reason or another, you have 3 months to Reach out for a free touch up. Anything after this period or any damage from the sun or other carelessness will occur a charge.



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