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.Booking Request form.

Please complete a booking form for all enquires, if you would like to make a general enquiry please fill out as much as possible so I have the clearest idea of what you would like, please only submit your enquiry onceI aim to respond to all enquires within a week of submissionPlease note that all appointments will require between a £20-40 booking fee to secure a space. Keep an eye on your spam folder if you are waiting for a reply. 




Just to give you an idea of pricing structure, half day sittings are £22o and full day sessions are £400. I charge per piece for something that will be complete in one sitting. you will be given a quote in the reply to your request form.

Booking Type:
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Prefered month(s)- you may select more than one.
Prefered day(s)- you may select more than one.

.Booking Fee Policy.

When you receive a reply to your booking form you will be told what booking fee will be required to make your booking. no booking will be confirmed without a booking fee being received. Booking fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If you need to move your booking we require 5 days notice to move the booking fee. any less and a new booking fee will be required. You may move your booking only once, any more and a new booking fee will be required. If you no-show your booking you will lose your booking fee and will not be offered another appointment. I understand things happen, so make sure to keep in touch with me. Please be aware you will forfeit your booking fee under these circumstances if you arrive to your booking and are- under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pregnant or breastfeeding,  if you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, sunburnt, do not have a driving licence or passport if asked.

.Thank you for submitting, I aim to reply to booking requests within 7 days.

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