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.Frequent Questions and Answers.

In this section we will cover general questions to how best prepare for your booking.

.Getting to the studio.

We have ample parking right outside the front door, however there is also a bus stop around a 3 minute walk just on the main road with links from the centre of Oxford and abingdon. Please be sure to plan travel and check bus times prior to your booking.


In the studio we are completely NUT FREE, One of our artists has an extreme nut allergy. So please bare this in mind when bringing snacks with you. 

.How to make a booking.

Want to make an enquiry with one of our artists?- We can't wait to hear from you! Each artist has their own booking forms in the contact section, please fill them completely and submit! its that easy. you will receive a reply within 7 days unless otherwise stated. 

What's a booking fee?- You will be asked to send a booking fee when you have agreed on a date and time for your booking, once payment is received the booking time and date will be confirmed by your chosen artist.  Booking fees are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. You can transfer your booking to a new date if you give no less than 5 days notice, you may do this once. any more and it will require you to pay another booking fee. Keep requesting to move the appointment date will result in the booking fee being increased. A booking fee is in place  so the artists can spend their time doing design work knowing you're 100% committed. Artists design your tattoo outside of studio hours, in their own 'free' time so if  you would like to make any changes at any time please give plenty of notice so your space can be offered to someone else.  

What should I do if I can no longer make my booking?- Our artists require 5 working days notice to move a booking. if enough notice is given your booking fee can be transferred to a new date, this can be done one time only. If not enough notice is given, a new booking fee will be required to rebook. If you move your booking more than once, a higher booking fee may be required. If you no show, we will likely not book you back in again. We understand things come up at short notice, so a quick message is better than a no show or no communication.

What if I've changed my mind and don't want the tattoo anymore?- We hope this won't happen, but any 'booking fee' paid is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you need a little more time to think about it, we will honour booking fees for six months from the date they were paid.

Ive become ill and can't make my appointment?- Please send us a message as soon as you feel unwell. we will try to accommodate as best we can, but depending on the notice given, unfortunately you may lose your booking fee. (This is at the discretion of the artist) Again please don't go radio silent and keep using the loop.

Ive just found out I'm pregnant, what will happen to my booking fee?- Well congratulations! these things happen, Again, booking fees are non-refundable however any booking fee will be honoured for when you've had your little one and can book in again ( please remember we can not tattoo you if you're breast feeding so take this into account when you come to rebook) 

I've changed my mind on the deign/placement since booking?- Please let your artists know as soon as you change your mind, giving as much notice as you can will mean the artists won't use valuable time drawing something when not needed. if enough notice is not given then your appointment my not go ahead, and a new booking will need to be made, at which point a new booking fee will be required.

.General questions you may have about your booking.

When will I see my design?- Generally our artists draw designs in the order they're booked, sometimes this means we won't be able to send out designs until the evening before the appointment, but don't worry, we will still have time to make any changes if we need to

Can I bring someone with me? - We understand that you may want some moral support while you're in the studio, we would be happy to accommodate an extra person but please don't bring more than that or they may be asked wait outside due to room and respect for other artists and their clients. 

Can I bring lunch/snacks?- Of course! if having long or short  sessions you're welcome to bring food and drink with you and were happy to take breaks whenever you need. We do have a drinks fridge supplied with different soft drinks for clients.

Can I wear my headphones? - We want you to be as comfortable as possible when getting tattooed, if you want to chat, we can chat. if you want to zone out and pop your headphones in then that's fine to! placement dependant you're welcome to bring a book or use your phone for distractions.

.How to prepare for your booking.

What should I wear?- We want you to be comfy, make sure you're wearing clothing which makes the area you're getting tattooed easily accessible. for example, if you're having a leg tattoo wear loose trousers that can be pulled up or shorts. if you're unsure what you should wear just pop your artist a message and we will be happy to help. Make sure you don't wear your best clothing! As careful as we are, tattoo ink will stain clothing, so its best to wear something old just incase.

Can I go on sun beds/ recently been on holidayPlease avoid sun beds for two weeks leading up to the booking. Make sure if you've been on a sunny holiday, you leave two weeks after you get back before your booked appointment. We can not tattoo damaged or sunburnt skin. if you arrive with sun burn you will be turned away and will lose your booking fee. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding?- we won't be able to tattoo you if you are either pregnant or breast feeding, you will need to wait at least 6 weeks post birth if not breastfeeding to be tattooed. You will not be able to get tattooed while breastfeeding so please are that in mind when making a booking.

Medications- Some medications can effect the application and healing of a tattoo, so please make your artist aware if you are taking anything you think may effect this. for example any blood thinning medications. 

shaving- Feel free to shave the area prior to your appointment (this is non essential, your artist can do this for you) If you decide to shave before please take care to avoid any nicks!

Tattooing damaged skin/scarring?- We will not be able to tattoo any damaged areas of skin. for example, bruising, cuts, eczema or psoriasis. If you are looking to have your tattoo over a scar please inform your artist on booking and provide images if necessary.

Eating and being hydrated before your booking- Make sure you have something to eat before you come in to your booking. its important to keep those blood sugars up! 

Should I moisturise/can I wear fake tan?- Its a great idea to keep the area you with to be tattooed  nice and moisturised leading up to the booking. however please don't moisturise on the day. Do not apply any fake tan in the area you're getting tattooed, it will get wiped off in the stencil application process anyway and we don't want you being patchy!

.Merchandise and Vouchers.

Do you sell any merchandise?- Hold tight! we're working on it!

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?- We sure do! Each artist handles their own admin, so contact your desired artist directly to purchase a voucher. They are available from £20-100. Please note the maximum amount for one voucher would be £100. The maximum of £100 can be used per session. Of course you are welcome to purchase more, but please bare our £100 limit policy in mind. Vouchers are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. Vouchers will be valid for six months from the date of purchase. expiry dates are final.

.Got a question we haven't covered?.

Send us a message here

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